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Hero/Champion/Royal Editions vs Kickstarter

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I must be overlooking something really obvious, so maybe someone can help me out of my tunnelvision here.


I have the Digital Download Plus tier, with a Digital Strategy Guide add-on.  So I figured I would get the Royal Edition conversion, but I got only Hero (which is just the base game..).  Can someone help me understand/see what it is that edition provides that my tier+add-on excluded?  It feels weird to have a key for only the base game..


Thanks a ton!

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^They can't match the add-ons to the tiers, so you get the key for the tier you backed but the add-ons aren't counted - they can be downloaded from the backer portal when the game is released.


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What Silend said. You get your version according to the tier you backed. Addons you get also, and you will download it from the backer portal.


You do not lose anything, you do not gain anything. You get exactly what you pledged for.

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I see... so even though the tier I backed (which I can't find in the Tiers to SKUs FAQ, btw) contains everything but the strategy guide, and despite having added that on at the time of pledging, because the Champion & Royal Editions both contain the guide, I'm bumped down to Hero (because add-ons don't count)?


If that's true, I get it, but can't help but be a little disappointed--it's always nice to have all the things related to the package downloadable at the site the key is tied to (in my case, Steam).  And I've some experience with developer sites going down for good and losing access to things purchased..


Ah well, at least (I think..) my confusion is somewhat cleared up.


Thanks for the info!

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