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Game doesn't start - no error message




My steam-copy of South Park TST doesn't start. It installed with no flaws, but when I click play or start it from the directory, it's loading for a few seconds (also comes up in Windows Task Manager) but then stops with no error message.
Just for the game, I set up Windows completely fresh since it didn't work before. After that, I installed all the latest Windows Updates, installed the latest available Catalyst driver (2010.0210.2339.42455) and even Microsoft Visual C++. But it still doesn't work and it's driving me mad.

I'm using Steam in Germany.
System specs:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
ATI X1950 Pro (graphics)
Intel Core2 Duo 6400
2 gigs of DDR2-Ram
Crucial Mx100 256gb SSD (drive)

Thanks in advance!

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What kind of antivirus do you have installed? I had a problem with F-Secure, and I think others use the same engine, which caused the game not to start. I had to deactivate Deep Guard (or rather, setting it to a lower security setting) to be able to play.



Also, your graphics card does not meet the minimum specs, even though it does offer DX 9 and Shader Model 3. This could be an issue as well.

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