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Need advice: dual-wielding fighter

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Hi guys,

I need some advice from more experienced players, I wanted to make an dual wielding fighter character. More "rpg'ish" style but with some combat optymalization.I want to make a human guy that will use rapier and stilleto, with weapon specialization in it, and he will be not maybe fastest but not the slowest with attacks. I want the character that will be a good support for totally tank character. So I though about this:

Human (+1 MIG, +1 RES) Dual-wielding fighter (rapier + stiletto)

The Living Lands (+1 MIG), explorer.

MIG: 12 +5
CON: 10 +5
DEX: 10
PER: 10 +1
INT: 10 +1
RES: 11 +3

These +points are values from character creations points. I've read about dexterity and I think that I don't need to increase this atributte (or maybe I'm thinking wrong). Am I right? Or my assumptions are totally wrong?

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Rapier and Stiletto is, sadly, a really bad idea, because the Stiletto is Weapon Focus (Ruffian), while the Rapier is Weapon Focus (Noble). You only get 6 talents total throughout the entire game, and that's already two just for Focus, before even considering Specialization.

I would prefer to see the Ruffian and Noble switch Stiletto and Dagger around, or to see more different kinds of weapon combinations in more weapon foci, but that's at least how it is right now (BBv480).


Whether you want to increase Dexterity or not largely depends on how you want to play. Generally speaking, if you want to be the best, if you are dual-wielding, dump your armour and use only Clothes (that's Clothes, not Robes) and pump your Dexterity for added Action Speed.

However, if you've already decided that you're going to use Heavy Armour, Dexterity becomes practically useless. At that point I'd also consider dropping the Constitution and either get more Might or Intellect.


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Needs to focus.  Either same weapons or same weapon groups (saber/stilleto would work, though personally I favor DR bypass).  And the single points here and there contribute so little, I don't see the point (and I doubt the single points are useful for conversation/event thresholds either, so even if you're going that route you're not doing yourself any favors).  As a true support fighting next to the tank, Con is dubious. 


I'd recommend the stray points in Per/Int/Res (including the human bonus point, so set it to 10) into Int if you're using a lot of active abilities or Dex if you're not.  

Given the system, personally I'd just straight up go to 20 might and 17 dex or int, depending on how many duration based abilities you pick up (and 17 int has the bonus of being useful for conversations if you care about those). Leave everything else at 10.  Oh, and no armor. 

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