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Damage possible bug?

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In Quill18s video (

) at 23:02 he noticed something strange in the combat log, a 9.8 damage graze, with a 4 damage reduction resulted in a 9.8 damage hit?  Is that some sort of bug? miscalculation? something hidden affecting the numbers? (and if so, shouldn't it show in the log)? Edited by wolfing
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Has discussion of this


[–]sensuki 8 points

19 hours ago 

It is as I suspected - same bug as Stone and Adra Beetle. Druid Bear Claws bypass 5 DR, but it's not shown in the log.


[–]quill18 3 points

18 hours ago 

That is incredibly potent and definitely something that should be listed. What about the other animal forms? All their claws look identical in the tooltips (except for Boar, which has bleed).


[–]sensuki 5 points

18 hours ago 

I'll check them later. I reported the bug with Stone and Adra beetle DR bypass a few patches ago, so I'm assuming that the same bug affects all creature DR bypass. It's probably a C priority bug so it might take them a bit to fix it. At least you know about it now =P

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