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[480] Spell effect duration bug



I've noticed that one playing as cipher, but I think it involves all classes.

There were 3 foes on combat. I've cast this lvl.2 paralysis spell to get foe #1 paralysed and a foe #2 and #3 stuck. When the spell was about to wear off I've cast it again on foe #2. The other two (#1 and #3) were then stuck at this point.




The foe #3 get "stuck" effect the second time when he already had this effect with 2 seconds to go. He got it reapplied and after second spell his displayed status was "Stuck (8.0 sec.)". After 2.0 seconds I've noticed, that he still have 6.0 sec on this status effect, but he was able to move freely.


It looks like the second spell have not applied an effect or there is a problem with displaying the status for foe #3 or duration calculations.


I know I've wrote that a bit chaotic, I'll try to explain it with time-line:


Paralyse spell cast at #1 --> #1 is paralysed for 8.0 sec, #2 and #3 are stuck for 8.0 sec.

6.0 seconds pass --> #1 is paralysed for 2.0 sec, #2 and #3 are stuck for 2.0 sec.

Paralyse spell cast at #2 --> #2 is paralysed for 8.0 sec, #1 and #3 are stuck for 8.0 sec. #3 was stuck (2.0 sec) before and now duration have changed.

2.0 seconds pass --> #1 is stuck for 6.0 sec, #2 is paralysed for 6.0 sec, #3 should be stuck for 6.0 seconds, but despite he have such status effect active, he move and attack freely.


I think, that the second spell with the same effect should completely override a previous one.

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