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[480] Animal companion movement speed bugged




Actually this applies to any character in the party and only out of combat, so I guess this is intentional. It is a bit weird though that selected character influences another's individual move commands.

But I guess this can be closed please :)



If an animal companion is issued a move command and then another character is selected, the animal companion's speed will change to that of the selected character.

How to reproduce:

- Issue move command to animal companion, keep it selected, it will move at proper speed

- Select another companion (for example someone with the hobble debuff) and issue move command

- Deselected Animal companion will revert to movement speed of the selected character.


This should definitely  be a bug. It makes sense that the animal companion uses the groups movement speed when it's selected along with them, however when it is issued its own move command, that is not part of any group command.

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