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Some questions about lvl up, xp and party composition.

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Greetings everyone.


I'm looking really forward to this game, and started following the games progress several months ago (when i found out about it) :D

I have seen people play the beta and watched streams and lately the PAX stream.


I have not found a answer to a few of my questions tho, so here i am asking the brighter minds of this community.


Question 1: In Baldur's gate and IWD, the xp granted for quests and monsters where spread evenly between party members, so with a party of 6, killing a monster for 1200 xp would provide each individual 200xp. Will this be the same in this game? 

I know the xp is given from bestiary and quests, but is still spread out?


Question 2: If question 1 is a YES, then will it beneficial to play with less then 6 people to get faster level??


Question 3: The most important question. In baldur's gate and IWD (again) if you had a certain lvl, and had not met a character or party member yet, they would auto lvl closer to yours. This made them pick some weak skills and spells sometimes, without you having any influence.

Will your future teammates stay at lvl 1, and let you lvl them up to your lvl when you meet them? So you can actually spec them the way you want?


I'm sorry if the english is not perfect. Its a secondary language here :)


Greetings from Denmark

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It's not an exact distribution in PoE. If you go solo, for example, instead of getting 1200xp for that instead of 200 like you would've gotten with 6 people, you'll get something like 500xp. I think it's an extra 10% for every "missing" party member. So, with 5 people, everyone gets 10% more. With 4 people, everyone gets 20% more, etc.


I'm not sure on the exact number (the 10%), and I'm not sure that won't change a little before release, even if I AM right.


On the teammate speccing, you're supposed to have full control over all your companion characters' level-up allocations. They will not stay at level 1, but I'm not sure exactly what all will allow them to level up while not in your immediate part. I know they'll sort of hang out at your stronghold, and they can do things there that let them get XP over time while you're out adventuring. That might be the only thing. But, I think you're supposed to be able to decide all their point allocations from level 1, even if they join you at level 3 or 4 or something.

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Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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It all adds up to an extra 5% bonus XP per missing party member on the BB right now, from my testing.


  • Party of 3 completes the Medreth/Nyfre quest. They each get 4140 XP.

  • Party of 6 completes same quest, in the same way. They get 3600 XP.


Character levels/average party level doesn't affect it so there's no "muling" or "squatting".


The BB is pretty extreme on the XP granting so it makes a big difference there, I can 3 man it and hit level 8 early and then hire 3 more level 7 adventurers.


In the actual game though I think it probably won't be worth playing with a smaller party unless you want a challenge and/or just like controlling fewer characters.

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Yeah, it honestly seems like 5%'s a bit low. Maybe it should be like 20% per missing party member. Even then, if you solo it, you're only getting TWICE the XP you'd normally get. So, if 6 people got 200 a piece, and you solo it, you'll get 400 for that same thing. That's still not anywhere close to the 1200 total that was awarded to the 6 people.


Anything under 20 or 25% seems so negligible that it's hardly worth even having a bonus, to be honest.

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Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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Some people like to play with a single character or a smaller party of 3 - 4 guys, so i would hope the +5% xp bonus will be adjusted to a reasonable level..


I'm one of those people that needs to look at everything and anything, before i move on (It comes from the time i found ring of wizardry at the Friendly arms in BG1) and yes i found the ring myself without knowing it was there :) - So every little bit of extra xp i can scrap up is worthwhile, but it needs to be justifiable.. 5% pr missing party member is simply to little :(

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Keep in mind with the level cap of 12 it's not like leveling a smaller party faster is really going to give you any super significant advanatage, probably not even enough to make up for being short-handed in the first place (since the game is made wirh a 6-man party in mind).

If you're just doing it for fun, or for the challenge however, have at it!

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