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Tutorial: How to render landscapes made in Blender /w normals, depth and albedo

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This thread is currently a placeholder for my in-depth tutorial about how to render landscapes built in Blender into the required data maps.



Table of contents:







As an appetizer for you guys, here's a quick landscape I built from scratch in Blender, with rendered and corrected normal maps. Depth map and Albedo map will come later.



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Looking good. 


Now, I was wondering how to handle post-render.  Obsidian said that some maps are painted after its rendered. How can that be done without blurring the image. 


Also the obsidian forums doesn't allow edits post after a certain amount of time.

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Yeah no problem I plan to edit the stuff in tomorrow. If I come too late I can always ask for deletion and post them again.


The paintover job is part of the final render. I didn't do that for the sake of this tutorial (after all, it's just about demonstrating a workflow), but it's possible with tools like GIMP or Photoshop or Adobe After Effects.



The real problem is dealing with the enormous file sizes and resolutions. However, this can be fixed by splitting the image up into several sub-images. Due to the orthogonal camera, images can be connected with each other without creating artifacts or seams.

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