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Dwarven Forge City builder Kickstarter

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The Game Tile, Dungeon tiles was successful 2 years ago that they have a new kickstarter. You can now build a city! I really like their kickstarter is because (now only is the product awesome) but they give you a lot of game tiles last KS. Those stretch goals are amazing. 

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Yep, I'm a backer for this one.  We are ahead of schedule in terms of dollar amounts compared to KS2 (which was wildly successful) but down in terms of backers at this point.  This means the average person is spending more (the average is currently around $560.00 per person) so we are spreading the word for new backers.  When it's all said and done we should be at $2,000,000 but hopefully much higher.  There are a lot of new packs, add-ons, and stretch goals coming.  Great for dioramas, wargaming, DnD, kids, etc..


So, if you have disposable income for game terrain that you might never use but your nieces and nephews will while thinking you're the greatest in the world for your "adult lego" system...come on in and join the fun!!

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