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New guy: manual or ruleset available already?

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Hello, like title says. I only recently discovered this game.

A quick search didn't answer my question.


What I'm particularly interested in, is in simple answers to how combat mechanics work (compared to dnd for example). Also, little things like, how many camping supplies can you bring? Based on what? Also I would just like to read some stuff in advance already.

I suppose a manual, FAQ, or ruleset isn't available yet? If not, is there some compiled source made by backers already?


Please let me know! :)


EDIT: sorry, I just read: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70532-any-faq-that-explain-the-basic-mechanic-of-the-game/

and most of my questions has been answered there (after reading through it multiple times, it was kinda complex for me).


Mod you can delete this thread.

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