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Beta Feedback #1

Skyrant Kangaroomouse




Just reporting in from a long play session. First i like to thank you for making this game hard. There is nothing more satisfying than beating a tough fight. Secondly i like to commend you on the wonderful graphics throughout the game so far. The attention to detail and love for classic RPG's is visible everywhere.


Without further ado, here is my list of things i came across that i thought need some attention:


  1. Path finding needs some work. If you like to move your rogue to a chest and your party is in the way they should move aside. I know we can do it manually but its also the case in fights where you waste valuable time with confused characters trying to walk the longest way instead of the shortest or getting stuck. Just needs some fine tuning.
  2. Spell casting, especially spells you can target team members with. It would be awesome if we could click the portrait instead of trying to find a way to click on the character in the middle of a group of enemies.
  3. In addition to #2 it would be awesome if there was a bar with little portraits of the enemies currently engaged you can click on to target attacks/spells/abilities instead of trying to click them in the game.
  4. In addition to #2/#3 health bars just like with your own characters for the enemies portraits.
  5. When you are in the merchant interface and you select something from the stash but then decide to remove it from trade, it goes into the inventory of one of the party members not back into the stash. A little confusing at first but it should be fixed so it goes back to where it came from.
  6. Zooming. I play the game in 4K resolution and i would love to be able to zoom in on fights. I know i am probably a minority using this resolution but i bet others would love to have a zoom for fights too.

Additional: Some small issues with text bleeding out of boxes, not aligned text, some text that should use bullet lists for clarity and other small polish issues you probably already know.


Thanks again for all your work on this game,


Skyrant Kangaroomouse




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