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question re steam keys

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Just read the newest newsletter and checked my digital fun pack order summary, says "Digital Downloadable Copy of Pillars of Eternity, DRM free for Windows, Mac, or Linux." Explicitly lists DRM free only, no mention of Steam or GOG (which are mentioned in the FAQ). So what's it going to be, DRM free or platform of our choice, as initially promised? A little confused here...

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I just realized I did nto check when ordering - does the physical edition come with a digital download as well? Or is it purely physical (with patches available separately from official site)?

It depends on a few different factors, but mostly it has to do with what tier your have. The higher cost tiers did come with digital copies. The basic boxed copy off of the Backer Portal does not come with a digital version.


Thank you. If I decide to buy an Extra Ditial Download Add-On, do I get a choice of the service I will get it on or does it default to Steam? Or will Obsidian provide the download through their own site? (The same question would go for the DD of the expansion I ordered along with the physical copy)



All digital downloads that go through our Backer Portal will get the choice of where they would like to redeem their copy. Currently that is Steam or GOG, but we are looking into adding more places to that list.


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