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Any chance for a demo on X-mas?

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I was just curious if something like this is a good idea or possible.  It might encourage pre-orders for the holidays, but it might not.  I'm not a marketing expert, but based on this youtube you might have something very much already there.  It'd basically just showcase char creation and the first lil part of game as well as give backers and perorder people a better first impression of the game than what BB currently does.


I've left a youtube link below of the demo I talk about, don't click it if you are against spoilers:


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Honestly, that is just a waste of money to make a demo.  There is a lot of information about how demos are actually bad for the sales of a game, rather than being good for it.  One reason is that it is actually really hard to make an effective demo, it is easy to make a bad demo for a good game.  Another reason is that demos can give people their "fix", you would not believe how many gamers actually complete games, it is around 15% or so, a demo can give the non completing gamers their "fix" and they won't buy the game, where as they would have bought it if there was no demo.  There are other reasons, and makes for some good reading if you search on the internet.

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