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Infestation of Maggots Spell stuck & Moon Godlike equiped helmet



These two bugs could be related or they might be independent of each other.

As a player character druid Infestation of maggots has spontaneously been added to the main hot bar (though it is also in the spell bar). once this happens this occurred retroactively and occurred in all previous saves for that character. It was not there before  It should be noted that spell  in game was called   Missing String.  Also I managed to equip a Helmet to a Moon Godlike


To replicate:

It might have to do with combat as i don't usually notice it til after fighting in dyrford crossing and in the cave with the oger.

Try saving and loading and quick saving and quick loading as I did not notice it till i did this . 


This is what I did.

1. make lvl 5 moon god druid

2. go into cave with the  oger 

3 fight the first two spiders directly ahead

4. quick save in cave

5. go out side of cave(up the ramp)

6.  get items from  skull key guy using druid.

7. dubble click hood to equip it to moon god druid. ( I tried to replicate this but was unable)

8. Frantically try to unequipped hood and succeed(I don't know how i did this.) but get stuck looking like I was wearing a metal helmet.

9. quick load

10. checked hot bar. (extra spell was there)



I tried restarting the game, still there even in older saves. 



My  PC was a 5th level druid,male moon god, Aumaua body, Shock , elk, White that Wends Mystic.  stats 13,9,9,16,18,13.

had accepted pig and missing girl quest,talked to leather guy then talked to innkeeper than burned lady. found out girl was pregnant and then confronted leather guy again, told me about oger. went to crossing. killed Beatles at entrance went south  across river fought wolves then went to cave. 

63dcb40a6eed43ab9bcc946255637d66 DyrfordCrossing 7636849.zip

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