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Is it possible to undo cheats?

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I used cheats to up some of my skills, character traits and a couple of other stuff. Is it possible to undo the effects of the cheats?

just use the console to set back the values to normal


for example


first select the character you want to modify(character you have currently control of)


setstrength xx (where "X" is value,max value is 99)

settreatinjury xx 


if you used KSE to give yourself or party members talents and powers just go the npc>charactername(ex;Mandalore)>traits(if non-jedi class or you want to remove only traits from the jedi class)  npc>character>class>Jedi Guardian\Consular\Sentinel >Powers (to remove Jedi Powers from jedi classes)

if you gave them 'secret' powers(skills available only to certain character like Wookie Toughness,tick "all powers and traits" to show all the powers


if you have used cheats in KOTOR 2 TSL i recommend you to use KSE since KOTOR 2's console doesn't show text(the commands work,only the text won't show).

if you have the console successfully enabled type the Tilde key or ' if you have the european\italian keyboard

and try to move your character,if he doesn't move it means the console works and you can type in,if not change the keyboard to American

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See, that's the thing. I don't know what normal values to assign to the character. I don't remember how much they were when I used the cheats.

easy,the starting values are 13 and go high as 30 (very high)

if you want,you can set it to 20,it's high enough and still in the 'normal' attributes

if you want to be invincible you can set strength,Dex,Wisdom and constitution to 99.

if this helped drop a like

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Starting values of skills are 13 or the character traits?

strength\dex\constitution\wisdom\charisma\intelligence starting values are 13,but it's dangerously low if you are on Taris or the other planets

set it to 20

the skills start from 0-1,but if you set it so low you won't be able to do nothing

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