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[301] Normal/Double speed becomes Double/Quad speed



After fighting some rogue druids in the north part of Stormwall Gorge, I noticed that after combat my party was walking really fast. Thinking double speed was turned on, I hit "D". But double speed had no been engaged! Once double speed was on, we were walking at twice that speed. Quad run FTW!


I experimented with "D" and "S" but no combination allowed me to restore the normal movement rate. Going to a new area (i.e., back to the village) also didn't restore it.


Interestingly enough this persisted after saving and restoring the game, and even after closing and re-launching the app! The effect didn't spread to other savegames, however.


I wish I could tell you exactly what precipitated the behavior. I do know that my party were affected by the druid's hobbling AoE spell at one point.


Attached is my savegame.


Note: Please allow uploads of .savegame files! I've mentioned this a few times now. At the moment I'm having to add .txt extension. Thanks.


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Hey PrimeHydra,


We are having an issue with Hobbled effect on Scouting mode that will increase a characters speed and will stack each time. This may be your issue. This issue is being worked on for the next patch.


Keep the bugs coming

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