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[v301] Missing ability descriptions for Monk



Posted about this in the BB General Discussion but realized it might be a bug.


To copy-paste from there:


This may have been mentioned, but class abilities could use some kind of description in their tooltip when creating a class. Creating a monk right now, and under the Class banner, under Monk, there are icons for Transcendant Suffering and Swift Strikes.
Transcendant Suffering's tooltip simply says "Passive".
Swift Strikes' tooltip says "Requires 1 wound".
I can find the descriptions for these abilities in the general Monk description, but shouldn't the ability icons themselves also describe them? Just found it a wee confusing.
Edit - Also getting this in the character level up screen. I unlocked "Long Stride", and mousing over it I just see "Combat Only". No description. Bug, or incomplete tooltips? I wasn't sure.
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