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Character creation issues...


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So I'm a little late to the beta, but I fired it up tonight for the first time and I'm VERY EXCITED about where this is going.


That said, I found the following nit picks while trying to create a ranger character:


* I launched the game in windowed mode on a dual monitor, and it came up in between the screens, I had to do a bit of moving and re-sizing to get it where I wanted it.


* reading the full text of an animal companion didn't seem to be possible, so I have no idea if they have different attributes or just different stories.  every time i move my mouse away from one of the companion icons, the text on the right box changes back to the default text about companions.


* I found the loading times when switching between classes to be pretty slow and I run on a Core i7, 16GB RAM, dual 10k RPM RAID 1 setup with an Nvidia 560 Ti.  Doesn't seem like there should be this much time between loading different characters.


* not sure why when selecting a female character I had the ability to select a male voice.  also the voice options said "Female Cleric 01" and "Male Wizard 01" when I was a female ranger.

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