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[301] Ogre mace visual bug



[Description of the issue]
When closing the Ogre area, you see his mace (and only the mace, no ogre) just hanging in there.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]
Get close to the Ogre without triggering him


[Expected behaviour]
Mace should not just be hanging in the air




I think I can "guess" why you did this: Preventing players from pre-igniting the Ogre with long range weapons before you could have your nice little dialog trigger. This is bull**** for this encounter, but also a very bad mentality to have overall as you design more and more of such encounters.


Just keep the Ogre spawned and flag it as Neutral then allow player himself to make the choice instead of forcing the dialog on him via artificial limitations (crazy small FOW distance and spawning it only on dialog trigger).



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