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[BUG?] v278 (or annoyance) Item name popup in stash

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When selling items from your stash at a merchant, if you have a long string of things to sell and just start clicking to add them to the sell window, when you have your cursor over an item the item name/description pops up. Sell the item and all the items shift to the left to fill the empty spot. But in doing so, the new item under your cursor does not change description. The old popup remains unless you move the cursor off the item and back on.




Put several items in your stash, then go to a merchant to sell them. When you have the store panel open, click on your stash to sell the items. Put your cursor over the item in the top row, far left. Wait for the popup description.Then, click on it to sell it. Note how the stash items all move to the left to fill that now-empty slot. Note also that the description popup stays as the sold item.




I'd expect the popup to disappear when the item leaves the inventory and when a new item appears under the cursor that a new popup would appear with the proper item description.


This is a relatively minor issue, but it's annoying, since you can't see what the new item's value is unless you move the cursor off the item and back on. So it may just be an issue with functionality as opposed to an actual bug. But either way, I think it would be good if this were addressed.

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