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Game story idea


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i have here a piece of a timeline from my story that i want to share. Tell me what you think.


2213-UTE is in debt.

EEF disbands and the EEF Tsunami, EEF Maxim, and the EEF Crimsonomega II alongside Ten Thousand Ships from the Disbanded EEF flees Earth and Empire.

The EEF Exodus begins and they go through a one-way Wormhole to the other galaxy.(Five Hundred million LY's)

UCR Fusion is sented back into time by accident during a Solar Flare Warp.

2214-UTE Wipe out SKH for good.

SKH Azure.Knight is reassigned as a UTE Ship.

2215-Ancient Derelict Ship find near Alaska System.

2216-UTE Expands to over three hundred Systems.

Chinese Merchant Guilds establish neutral Chinese Solar Systems.

EEF renames themselves as ECLF.(Earth Command Liberation Force)

2217-Ancient ship is identified as a Type III Dreadnought.

EEF Marks found on side of ship.

Scientists are puzzled by how the a EEF ship aged.

2220-ECLF Colonizes Drake I, II, III, IV, and V.

ECLF Establishes Light year Communications with UCR.

2222-UTE builds Three Motherships.

EEF= Earth's Explorational Fleet

UCR=United California Republic

UTE= United Terran Empire

all my friends like it :) I just need a public opinion

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