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Ogre area oddity



In the ogre's cave, right behind the ogre, there's a "secret area" that should be revealed by scouting, but isn't. If you mouse over it, or tab it, it does highlight, but you cannot interact with it.


1) Create game

2) Head to Ogre's cave

3) Tell him to go away / kill it

4) Go behind the Ogre and press TAB

5) Notice the purple-highlighted area

6) Let go of tab, mouse over that same area

7) Notice the mouse over reveals the area

8 ) Try to loot it

9) Notice it doesn't work.


Expected: Should work just like any other "secret area".





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To add to this, the loot area just above that one, while it can be interacted with, seems to have a minor glitch in that the cursor shows the move icon when you first click on it. After clicking on it, the cursor changes to the gauntlet and then when you click on it a second time, the inventory opens.

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