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[BUG] Experience not actually awarded

Ink Blot




Peacefully resolved the Ogre quest by talking the Ogre into leaving. Returned to Rumbald and told him we convinced the Ogre to leave. After that, chose the convo option to give him 400 cp. Combat log notes thta Rumbald gives the party Lead Spitter and a piglet. As well, it noted the 400 cp lost. Finally, it notes that the party receives 1500 XP. However, no XP are actually awarded.




Save game can be accessed through link at bottom, where this can be tested, but:



1) Solve the Ogre quest peacefully by convincing him to leave.

2) Return to Dyrford and note your XPs before speaking to Rumbald.

3) Talk to Rumbald and tell him you convinced the Ogre to leave (convo option 1)

4) In the next dialog box, choose option 4, where you elect to give Rumbald 400 cp.

5) Note the awards in the combat log, which includes the items listed above. Note also that your XPs are not increased.


Not sure if this is specific to these particular options or if you just don't actually get XP when talking to Rumbald when resolving the quest peacefully.




Well, if the game tells me the party is gaining XP, I'd expect to receive said XPs. :p


Save game:  http://www.upload.ee/files/4239189/aeee5e2859064bd581301c4644fa8609_DyrfordVillage_7709942.savegame.html


Output log also attached.


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