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Character Frozen/ Unselectable After Switching Weapons



Did a search and didn't find any other exact matches to this bug so starting a new topic:


The bug is one that has happened primarily to my PC but also a few times to other characters;  Starting a combat with a ranged weapon (Arquebus), firing a volley and then switching to melee weapons, the character can no longer be selected by clicking on character or portrait.  The character can only be selected by number button, but even in that circumstance, it will not execute any commands.


After combat ends, the character remains rooted to the spot and a reload is required to get it moving again.  


I suspect that this has something to do with the character continuing their ranged weapon re-load and fire animation after being switched to melee, but initially the character would eventually transition over to the proper attack animation and continue to be use-able in combat.  The last few encounters I've tried (Dragon Egg and Wurms), this problem has surfaced.

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