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Question about spiritforms.

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"Druids choose a spirit form at character creation and can find additional spirit forms in the world."


Ok, but what spiritforms?


The ones we didn't choose as the first one?

So basicly it doesn't matter which we choose since we will still get the others later in game.


Or does it mean "additional" ones like none of the starting ones, but new ones? So if I choose cat-spiritform I will never be able to gain bear-spiritform but maybe lizard-spiritform?


Or a mix of both? Like you gain all starting ones in addition to some new ones only obtainable in the game.


By the way, I would prefer to not be able to gain any of the starting ones later in the game, otherwise it would be very derimental to the choice you make. "Hey, do you want a this unique magical helmet or this unique magical sword? Decide!" ...later... "Oh, you again? Here, have the other one."

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