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Is this game worth buying?

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It's pretty damn awesome, I recommend it, but it has some REALLY rough edges. For a lot of people it's not even a fun game until after the first few hours, or even the second playthrough.

Maybe if you watch some letsplays on youtube, you could see if it's your kind of game.

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Alpha Protocol is WORTH playing.


In fact it is the only game I played in recent memory where upon after finishing it,  I immediately started a new game with a radically different character build and dialog choice path in mind...TWICE! This CHANGES things a lot.  A LOT.  Your choices completely alter the narrative of the game!  IIRC It's IMPOSSIBLE to see every plot point in a single play through.  One door closes, three other doors open.  


People who hated Alpha Protocol are usually people who were expecting a MASS EFFECT 2 clone or something similar.  I say to them,  THEIR LOSS!


Alpha Protocol is an RPG first, with action elements second.  People have a hard time coping with this after ME2 which sheds a lot of the RPG for instant action-based gameplay shoot'em up brain death.  I'd argue Mass Effect goes TOO FAR.  The entire game in a nutshell is a space dungeon cover shooter that never changes its core gameplay from start to end ad nauseam.  Alpha Protocol?  You start out as a rookie who can't shoot the back side of a barn and by the end your guy can head shot 6 people simultaneously without leaving cover.  THAT'S REAL PROGRESS!


This isn't to say the game is without its faults.  Some poor level design, clunky controls, and one annoying as hell helicopter boss.  I hate that thing!  But you should play it!


People also hate on the mini-games but 1) They can be TOTALLY bypassed with items 2) made COMPLETELY trivial with skill increases 3) Are designed to be completed VERY quickly!  Unlike that painful planet scanning slog in ME2!  I thought the AP mini-game design was sublime.  

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I bought this game about a week or two ago, having avoided in the past because of poor reviews. I can't believe I didn't try it earlier. It's a terrific game. 


Most reviews have made mountains out of some poor design molehills. There are a few minor problems with controls and a couple of bugs, but frankly they did nothing to detract from the game's many strengths. For instance:


- The writing and characters. The overall plot is decent without being exceptional, but many of the characters are fun and engaging. The dialogue is snappily written and well acted. It's a smaller game than ME so you don't get quite as much character development, but what there is is really good. Romances are nicely handled - not obtrusive but each one quite different and in line with the character. 


- Choices have real impact on the game, not just at a couple of critical turning points but throughout. Just from the top of my head I can think of over a dozen moments where choices had significant later impacts. 


- Character progression. This is handled about as well as in any game I know. First, progression in power is not extreme. Some abilities do add really strong options, but changes tend to be incremental. Perks are obtained in response to your play-style and choices, and are very numerous. Each one makes only a small difference, but the cumulative effect means that your character is strongly shaped by your choices in game. 


- Unlike in many games, upgrading kit gives relatively minor improvements compared to character skill development, making the latter your real focus.


- Once you get used to the controls, both combat and stealth strategies offer enjoyable game-play. 


Of course a bigger game could have offered more. It would have been great to be able to customize the protagonist more, particularly to allow both genders. But for a given level of investment I think Obsidian did a great job and were really harshly treated by the reviews. 


I'm really sorry that because of this there is unlikely to be an AP2. If there ever is I will preorder without hesitation. In any case, if you enjoy well written RPGs I would certainly recommend getting AP. 

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