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Cursor change during battle

Ink Blot


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In battle, I was trying to get my Priest to cast a spell (I can't recall which one) but it didn't fire. This resulted in me not being able to switch characters, nor could I target anything. The cursor changed to the regular mouse pointer cursor when hovering over floor. Over walls and outside the playable area, the cursor changed to the cast spell icon. Over traps, the cursor changed to the Disarm icon. Again, I could not target characters or enemies, but could interact with objects.




I have not been able to replicate this behavior.




Well, obviously one expects the gauntlet cursor and the ability to select and interact with characters and enemies. :p




Of note here is my setup. I have two machines networked and use a program called Synergy that allows me to use one KB+M to control both machines. Anytime there's an issue with the cursor, I think it may have something to do with Synergy (this has happened in the past with a couple games), so this may be the culprit. Since I have not been able to duplicate this issue though, I can't say for certain. just thought I'd note it.


For posterity, a link to my save game file: http://www.upload.ee/files/4226675/58b914c5e16c42e59a7d5e5ae09693be_DyrfordRuins_7773889.savegame.html


And my logfile is attached as well.


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