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Very Delayed Spear Damage



I haven't seen this particular bug posted so if I missed it, feel free to merge this with other attack and damaged related bugs of a similar type.


The Bug:


I created a fighter from the Living Lands for my first play through, because I liked the idea of dual wielding spears!  So after my little jaunt through Dyrwood, I head off to track down the Ogre and fight some beetles along the way.  


In the first encounter with the beetles, I am looking at the combat log and notice that my character's name doesn't come up for attacks.  I look up at the stone beetle, and sure enough, it hasn't taken any damage!  Also, I notice that my character seems to only be attacking with one hand...his left.


So, I decide to head south from the first set of encounters with only my fighter to the lone wood beetle near the river and  see if that makes any difference.  Well, after 4 attacks with no entries into the combat log (and no damage done), I switch to bare knuckles.  It's at this point where 3 hits suddenly register in the combat log for piercing damage.  After that all it takes is a solo right cross and the beetle is out for the count.


Later when we fight the stone beetles further east, I replicate the results.

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