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They died with their boots on, (then reappered 12 hours later)



Might be some spoilers.


First of all, I really like what I`ve seen in this Beta. It runs smooth on my computer, rather fast loading time, no crashes so far and good framerates.

After playing a bit on normal I entered the area east of the town i got ambushed by lots of beatles. After the fierce Battle both my BB mage and BB priest died, and their portraits disappered. Being an old School crpg player this was of course ok. The party went back to the town, hired a New priest and went back to the former area to exlore. As we entered the first thing we noted was that my New priests portrait was replaced With my former BB priest( whom we all thought had perished). It felt a bit akward, her standing there after we left her corspe in the forset for 12 hours or so, but she didnt mind. Also the BB wizrad was standing Close to her but his portait didnt show up, but when clicked on moved willingly. Now With my party of six (but still only four portraits) entered the cultists Dungeon. As we entered the hires priest spawned in a locked room, the BB wizard was no where to be found, and the rest of the party is standing just inside the Dungeon. After exploring the Dungeon I found the BB wizard shooting at the a strange cultist With a funny head. Thats it so far. Will stand here til I figure how to relaes my hired priest, since my rouge for some reason wont unlock the room shes in (might need a key i dont know (anyway how she got there is a bigger mystery).   ps please Accept my apalogy for my bad English, its not my native Language.  Yours, Borac


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