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Suggestion: Rename Health/Stamina


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Although not a beta participant, I have watched various youtube videos of others' experiences with the beta. From what I've seen the health/stamina mechanic seems confusing, in fact several people have a real problem getting a grip on it... 


My suggestion is to rename Health, Endurance and rename Stamina, Health.


The ratio 1:4, Endurance:Health may remain the same.


In combat Health is reduced and recovered by spells, potions etc


However, Endurance is recovered only by resting. 


Healing a wound by magical means goes only as far as repairing the affliction, serious wounds (being maimed) and the physical/mental/spiritual etc fatigue of battle is only overcome by rest. 


Endurance should be expressed as a percentage, health by a number of hit points.


well...that's my suggestion anyway... :)



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