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Alternative Attribute Titles to Avoid DnD confusions

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It seems to me that a lot of complaints about the attribute system is simply a  communication problem,  where people expect an attribute to mean something based on decades of  experience and habit rather then on the designer description.  


I'm really excited about the opportunity to have 6 different meaningful  ways to customize every class.


My hypothesis is that if  the attributes were renamed to not collide with past mechanics and with perhaps more obscure english,  they might actually encourage people to read and understand what they do.  


Here we go.


Might ->  Potency    the raw damage/healing effect of your abilities

Constitution -> Resiliency   the overall ability of you character to sustain long-term debilitating damage

Resolve ->  Resolve    

Perception->  Perception

Intelligence ->  Acumen   The ability of your character to employ theoretical and applied  knowledge  to increase their effectiveness in life and combat

Dexterity ->  Reflex      The innate trained capacity of your character to accurately and swiftly apply their abilities ( muscle memory,  mind training etc)


And last of all... to balance Potency with everything else,  I think it should cause a negative bonus to your lowest stat if maxed to far over the average of your stats,  or perhaps just constitution or Resolve;  Thus a truly potent character recklessly trades damage for some other important aspect.  


Now,  I'm just going off of lurked understanding of the mechanics at this point, So I can't guarantee that my attribute words correspond correctly.   I still think renaming them should be done, at least so I don't get sucked into another monster attributes thread and miss more sleep :)




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