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Selfmade Character cant advance above 5th Level



Selfmade Character cant advance above 5th Level



1.Take an Character In empty spot from Tavern   (because of Money Issues 4th Level Adventurer)


2. New Character has no Level up (stays on first level until first Fight starts... or Xp per Quest is attained)


3. Then you can play along until the Char reaches end of Level 4 and you could advance to Level 5th


4. Normal Character Level up... with Talents or Spells ( I`ve tryed with all Classes)


5. Then when Im finished with it and hit "Done", the Screen gets dark and nothing happens anymore... can only exit the Game with Strg-Alt-Del.


6. Same happens if you use an 6th or 5th Level Character directly. (tryed all classes from Level 5th to 7th)



No Problems with Characters below 5th... They Level normal up as soon as the got  XP.




Hopefully you can Understand what i mean... Sorry if My English is confusing ;)  it`s been a while.

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