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Have to Validate Install After Playing



I've got an unusual issue. The first time I started the game up, it played fine, no crashes for about an hour of play. I closed it down and came back to it the next day, random crashes from startup, character creation, loading saved game, etc... I validated the install, and, sure enough, 1 file failed to validate. Steam auto-replaced the file, game worked fine. Started it up again, same problem (random crashes), validated again, 1 file failed to validate. I've attached the output log from the last crash, but I'm not sure how to pull a log of the Steam validation to tell you which file was corrupted. Also, the beginning of the output log shows the video adapter as an NVDIA GTX 480. I'm running an Radeon 6850.  


System Specs

AMD Phenom II X4 955

ATI/AMD Radeon 6850

4 GB Ram

Win 7 64x


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