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Crash when saving game



I didn't see this in any of the 20 pages; feel free to merge with appropriate section if I'm wrong.


[Description of the issue]

I was done for the night, so I went to save the game.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) I had just entered "Cave" after killing to 4 dudes wanting the dragon egg.

2) I pressed Esc to get to Options Menu

3) Clicked Save Game 

4) Clicked the Save button on my previous saved game in slot 1

5) The game asked me if I wanted to Overwrite the file for August 19, 2014

6) Clicked Accept

7) After about a minute, I alt-tab and there's a popup windows saying a crash report was logged in the game folder


[Expected behaviour]

Game not crashing when saving


[Other remarks / Comments]

I loaded up the game again and my saved game seemed in tact with no missing equipment (which I wasn't expecting since I randomly lose items when moving them around in the inventory or loading from a previous save)



DxDiag is in the zip file attached


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