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Early Impressions


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So just my first impressions after playing a very limited amount of this so far.


Not sure if this was a bug, but the combat played like it was in fastforwardX4 mode. Maybe i hit a button or something but everything was like id hit a x4 button. If that was the case i couldnt find a way to turn if off so i figured id have a better look when i got home tonight.


I didnt like all the attributes starting from 3 in character creation. More of a nitpick than anything else but i would think you would want to start with "Average" attributes, whatever that is (whether it be 8 or 9 or 10) and then if you want to become worse in something you can take points out of the stat knowing your character is below average in it. With no point of reference i didnt know what was considered average strength or average perception, +22% health and damage means nothing to me with no point of reference.


Maybe make it a little more obvious in the attribute selection screen or perhaps the class screen which stats specifcally are more important for each class. Sure you can have a caster with high constitution that can tank damage for fun, but INT is probably a more crucial skill, and with some of the more sterotypical classes either called different things or having slightly different flavours, it would be nice to know what is important for the class. Or even what stats will affect the majority of that classes skills.


Is it only my characters attributes that are used during convesation, or is it whoever talks to him. I was constantly trying to just select my character to be sure it was him talking to the NPCs, but it wasnt clear who was actually talking to the NPCs, which left me a little confused.


That is all for now, ill play it more when i get home.


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