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lost my main character



Bit of a strange one.  Entered the Ogre cave in Dyrwood crossing and was engaged in fighting one of the spider mobs.  At the end of combat, I walked out to the copse where you find the skull key from the dead cultist.  When I did, I noticed that there were only five portraits in the HUD (I had a full party) and the missing one was my PC.  Oddly enough, after defeating the ogre and exiting the cave, my PC ran up to the rest of my party, but I was still unable to access his inventory or do anything else that I would be able to if he were still in the party. 


This might be unrelated, but I was also unable to complete the ogre quest in spite of an updated prompt in the quest log and having possession of the quest item (ogre's head).  A dialogue option to turn in the quest was absent from the list of choices when I talked to the assigning NPC.


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