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Bugs found



First of all, bugs or not, this is the most promising thing I've played all year. Nostalgia! The good kind! But on to the bugs:


Unfortunately, screencapping isn't working properly for me, so I'll just have to make do with descriptions.


Combat abilities are sluggish (as has been mentioned by others), and the lack of targeting feedback makes it difficult to tell if you actually accomplished something or not. Particularly hairy when attempting to heal.


The quicksave notification could probably be moved somewhere a little more noticeable. Right now, it took me forever to realise that I should look for floating green text above the dialogue box for quicksave confirmation. Perhaps it's muscle memory, but I'm used to seeing "save/quicksave done" or whatever either center screen or top left.


When doing the "tab to reveal containers/hidden objects" thing, I also get a bright blue pixel in the upper left hand corner of the screen.


If you go into the options from main menu, the text on all the buttons will blank out if you choose Game, Graphics or Sound. Autopause and Control are fine.


I haven't been able to reproduce this one: At one point, my game froze after leaving the smith's shop at night, and when reloading my last save, the offhand and ranged weapons were missing from the primary weapon sets of all dual wielders.

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