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Listing about some bugs



Hello guys !

I open this new thread to list some bugs than I saw during different playing session.
But, in introduction, please excuse my english, I'm a french gamer ;)


So, about french version, there is a lot of troubles :

- NPC have strange display, like "BB_Male_Fighter", and it's the same for our team.
- objects haven't description, so, many times, we don't know what do we have in our inventory

- during interaction, some lines of texts don't display (idem for the NPC answer)

- with magnifying glass picto, no text appears

- in character creation, there is no display for elf categories (no problem on human screen)


A lot of theses problems disappears with english version.


However, there is some troubles yet...


- After changing area, quest disappears from the journal (but are still actived, like quest with ogre)

- after main character creation, my wizard companion began without gear/armor

- after reloaded old savegame, some people of my team lost weapons, armor.

- sometimes, character freezes, it is impossible to select him, so => load previous savegame

- after a fight, some characters continue to attack in vaccum, in walk time, staying...


I hope it will be helpful for you.

Thanks guys ! This game is truly awesome !

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