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First impressions


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I am a big admirer of classical Infinity-based CRPGs, and I would like to thank the Obsidian team for the efforts they put in Project Eternity.

The overall impression of the beta after playing it for 30 minutes is quite positive.
However, I would like to point out certain things that could be improved (in my opinion):


  • Colours (especially grass and trees) are too bright. If they were dimmer, the scenes would look nicer.
  • Battles. They are very cluttered, it's difficult to understand what is going on. In infinity based-games, they looked better to me.
  • Pop-ups that show up in battles when holding TAB are too heavy-weight.
  • I think it would be better to show just character names and their health status in the pop-ups.
  • It's better to avoid zooming in 3d-models too much (like in the character generation screen for instance).


  • Please, please and one more time please - when hit points go down to zero, the characters must DIE! Regardless of difficulty level. Becoming unconscious and magically getting up after the battles is so "consolish"...
  • I am sure many hardcore players do not like the idea of hit-points regeneration when you walk. Only healing spells, potions and rest should restore them.


  • I understand that we live in an age of ubiquitous political correctness, but come on - selecting female gender by default is too much.

... to be continued.

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