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Kotor:The mandalorian Wars

Mandalorian Wars Kotor  

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this idea popped up in my mind for a while,and the BOS:SR Mod gave flashbacks of you in the Mandalorian Wars events,Malachor V,Revan's Speech
I would like a lot a Kotor game based on the mandalorian wars,playing as Revan,starting as apprentice,getting trained by Arren Kae,and then recruit the jedi in war against the mandalorians,to face Mandalore the Ultimate.
it could have a bonus final mission when you get to build HK-47 and begin the Jedi Civil War
it could have the all kinds of choices,planets,help people,and of course get a party,with Malak as the first companion and friend to Revan

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No, i don't think so, because the whole thing have been established, i prefer "The Mandalorian War and Revan" remain ambiguous, no need to play as Revan in Mandalorian war, that will make whatever we think about Revan in KotOR2 moot


Revan should remain as whatever the player think about him/her

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it's not necessary to follow the comic or canon,you can give ambigous choices to the player,to keep their own Revan,and use the old good silent protagonist
even Kotor 2 did this,it kept Revan a mistery,and you indirectly choose who really was 

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of course,what i have in mind is a reboot now that Disney has declared Revan non-canon
a silent protagonist RPG,with D&D stats like in the original kotor,updated combat,new dialogue options and gameplay like
customize your ship,your own revan,of course there will be the awesome Revan's Robes and Mask
explore Corusant,Daintooine,Korriban,Dxun,the Star Forge,Lehon(The Rakatan Homeworld) and many other worlds.
make hard choices in war,leave 1000 people to die in order to get secret data or save the people but you will lose the advantage
 sacrifice a planet to fortify another,or save it but you will make it vulnerable,and these choices will affect the outcome
Space combat
encouter original characters from Kotor like
Juhani,Carth Onassi;Saul Karath,Bastila
Start in the first days of the jedi training of Revan,be Trained by Kreia,Zhar,Vrook and Arren Kae.
then you hear about the Mandalorians,and recruit Jedis to help the republic forces.
of course will give a new way to see Malak,since we only saw him when we fought him and he's an underrated character
the next part will be the investigation of the Star Maps.the search of the Star Forge and the Jedi Civil War
after that we can do a rebooted version of the Original Kotor 1 and Kotor 2,unchanged with updated graphics

please post your ideas,don't be shy 
all constructive ideas are welcome  :yes:

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