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SoT great game, BUT no choice of subtitle language and no choice to turn off quicktime stuff

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As soon as I started playing the game those two drawbacks were pestering me so much that I had to write this post.


The first drawback probably isn't even the fault of obsidian but of steam or ubisoft. If the language of the subtitles is identical to the language spoken you can listen to the words and read it at the same time if you have problems following. If the languages are different, even though the subtitles are your mother language, you can either read or listen but not both. And the subtitles are not shown long enough that you can reread stuff you missed hearing.


Menues are german too! Why? Anyone buying the game should already knows enough english as all the voices in the game are in english.


Oh the irony: I didn't mind getting the german version even though it was cut (since I heard the language would still be the original english). And still I was hurt by the DRM.


But the biggest gripe: QUICK TIME. Oh, how I hate games with quick-time events. And it would have been so easy: Why couldn't you put an option into the game to just turn off that stuff? I know, there seem to be a lot of people who like the combat in SoT as it is. But if you read some forums, there are a lot of people who hate quick-time, and with a simple option you could have served both.


I play SoT on easy. I saviour the humor and the story and try to ignore the combat as much as possible.


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