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Subtitles size




I'm playing the game with french subtitles. My problem is the size of the subtitles, I'm unable to play comfortably with my controller, as I have to get my head pretty close to the screen to read them.


Please include in a next patch:

- Bigger subtitles (like 3 or 4 X the actual size of the subs).


- An option to choose the size of the subs.


Otherwise your game is awesome! <3


My specs:

Res: 1366x768

OS: Win7 64 bit

Lang: French

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I asked about this the first bloody day. The problem is developers of video games in general make their games on HD computer screens a few feet or so from their face, instead of even a low-end HD or SDTV 8 or so feet away. They don't see the problem. Just because HD allows you to make really small fonts, doesn't mean that you should. We don't all have 50" 1080p screens! At least have SD ones available as well, and as the default.

You see, ever since the whole Doritos Locos Tacos thing, Taco Bell thinks they can do whatever they want.

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