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Thoughts on Quality of the game at launch?

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Was surprised with the way the game handled within the 16 hours straight I played at launch, since there were no game breaking bugs or glitches. Only thing I had was my character occasionally disappearing or flickering in cutscenes. The first patch seemed to introduce quite a few problems, including game breaking bugs that I had on my second and third playthrough of the game. Overall though, I did enjoy the game so much to where I did spend multiple hours doing more than one playthrough (one with each class, gonna start my fourth tonight with the Fighter class) as well as have recommended it to many others since most of the people I know do enjoy RPG games.

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To be honest, after the completely bug-free experience that I had with DS3, I was surprised to see the one or two issues that I did. Since they were minor (flickering characters), I'm not that put off by it.


I do feel for the other players that are having issues though.

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