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On gameplay spoilers and spoiler tags

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Please note: if you have a specific question regarding advice/input about a quest or some other story/gameplay feature, that is not a technical issue, please post your topic in the South Park: Stories subforum and not in General Discussion.

When posting in General, if you're unsure if something is considered a spoiler, please take advantage of the spoiler tag function. There is no post-editor button icon for spoiler-tags, so manually type the BBCode before and after any text you want hidden.

Example: [ spoiler ] This text hidden by the spoiler tag. [ /spoiler ]  (no spaces)

This text hidden by the spoiler tag.

Thanks, and enjoy the game!


Edit: I'm told/learned that there is now a drop-down menu where the Spoiler tag can be chosen from a list. (3rd button from top left). I still find it easier/faster to type it manually, however. Up to you! :)

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