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Missing Fart ? Help!

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 Hi all ,


             I got the training for the Nagasaki Fart and was told to use it to help people and not to fart on someones balls.  When I get to use it , nothing? I flicked through the fart and only 3 showing, I double checked in the Magic menu and the 4th slot was empty ?  anyone know why, went back to get the training again and they were not at home.


 What do I do ?




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I created an account here just to confirm this issue.


The Nagasaki dissapeared from my menu as well. Don't really have a save to go back to either. It's a slight inconvenience to say the least.

If it helps out mine dissapeared right after I used it in the sewers( to free the "Crab People"). 

This sucks! No one has an answer:(

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