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Maybe I suck or something, but I absolutely and positively cannot beat this.  I don't even get close and I am tapping insanely.  Getting stuck on something as stupid as this really ruins the game.  I tried to turn down the difficulty, but it doesn't make this any easier.  If anyone has any hints let me know.  I can't believe that other people can beat this.  I am an avid gamer, but this just seems to be insanely hard.

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OK, solved with the Cheat Engine. Warning: a free license expires after the first run, so use it wisely. (it is free, idiot me is).

You need to:

1) Run the Cheat Engine program and leave it open.

2) Start a game and load the anal probe minigame

3) Switch-window to the Cheat Engine (alt+TAB)

4) open a process "South Park (...) .exe

5) click on a checkbox "Enable Speedhack" and set it to 0,2. This will slow down time 5x.

6) switch back to a game and beat the mini-game (easy)

7) again, switch  to Cheat Engine and disable a speedhack

8) return to a game and save after passing a check point.




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I was having this problem as well and found some suggestions that didn't work. I even bought a new controller, thinking both of mine were worn out.


This will sound funny, but I used a vibrator! No, not my mom's **** but a handheld, deep massage vibrator. It blew up the black probe in less than a second!


Give it a try and good luck.



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