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No support for 2560x1080/ultrawide monitors?

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While I am excited about the game, I am disappointed in what seems to be a disconnect with the gaming community. More and more of us are opting to utilize multiple monitor set ups, or even purchase ultrawide monitors. 


Does anyone know for certain if stick of truth will be stuck at 16:9, or will an option for a ultrawide/multi-monitor set up be available?



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Yes, I think no specific news being released yet about the games available resolutions will really hurt sales in the Congo.

You see, ever since the whole Doritos Locos Tacos thing, Taco Bell thinks they can do whatever they want.

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Actually it would be a first world problem. Considering that people makes games for first world inhabitants, primarily, as we are the primary consumers of such entertainment, because, primarily, these folks enjoy making money.


Marketing to people that buy expensive gaming set ups makes more sense here in the first world, if you sell customers something that they can get the most use of out. Considering that most game companies now accommodate the trend for larger/wider screens, and multi-screen set ups, it makes complete sense.


It was not a far fetched whine, or a cry. It was a question asking for some certainty. I made no claims regarding anyone purchasing this game, or not. Noting that all of the gameplay previews are 16:9, and not HD, and not ultra-wide, and not supported on a multiple monitor set up, I was curious.


Rather than answering with something productive, you chose to troll. The fact that Obsidian does not moderate its forums is one thing, but that the sheer irony of you partaking in these first world problems which you project on others being lost on you is fantastic.


Enjoy more blind oversight on your part.


P.S. and first world problem as in your signature: "I, like millions of people in Canada & the US don't have access to reliable, affordable high speed from home."  is such delicious irony in light of your internet tough-guy/attempted trolling. Perhaps if you moved out of your parents basement, and were able to select your own internet plan, perhaps even get fiber optic, you might find a solution to your own first world problem.

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It was a joke.


Also, the umpteenth vast majority of gamers in first world countries don't use multiple screen setups. Not to mention those in emerging economies that also buy games... Usually those games that do support it do so because there is some sort of advantage visually for doing so i.e. FPS's, exploration games [like Skyrim], some RTS's... (plus many of those whom worked on the game probably have a multi screen setup themselves.)


On the other hand, many games wouldn't really benefit from it. Some might use a type of Nintendo DS setup, but that's not the same thing. (Most people with a multi monitor setup do so for business ala DS style. See your investment banker, insurance salesperson, accountant...) They wanted this game to look and feel like an episode of South Park - a show made in 16:9 and largely shown in 4:3 on SDTV. There probably is some sort of wider-screen support, but there is only so many different resolutions that's worth doing. Also hey, some people are also used to slightly stretched images if they don't like to utilize black bars on the sides of their screen.

You see, ever since the whole Doritos Locos Tacos thing, Taco Bell thinks they can do whatever they want.

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