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Speed up option along with slow down option

Should speed up be available along with slow down?  

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  1. 1. Should speed up be implemented?

  2. 2. How badly you want speed up option

    • Very, I find it annoying having to wait the party run to this place and that and that merchment, and that quest. Speed up is a god sent
    • A nice feature, good to implement if it will not drain too much developer resource
    • I won't use this much, but player should have the option to do so if they like
    • I don't this at all

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As of now the developers is implementing a slow down option. Thus they can implement a speed up option with minimum hassle.


Why we need speed up?

Moving the party from location X to location Y will be less of an hassle. Hearing "You must gather your party before venturing forth" because not all your party have the boots of speed is annoying.


Running here and there for quest, merchants, may generate too much idle time waiting for the party to get there that it breaks the mood. Waiting the party to get to the armor / spell / potion/ craft / gem merchmants to buy / sell loots for the hundredth time can be annoying. Waiting for the party to move to the hundredth quest NPC is no fun.


If we feel the attack, move and spell animation too lengthy for normal game speed.


If we play the game for N number of times that every combat is a sure win even with insane difficulty, have to introduce some other "Hellish" difficulty.

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