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Josh Sawyer reveals some information about Project Eternity's attribute scores

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Yeah I agree with you. Although, we should keep in mind that there is a way between the "all characters are alike" (bethesda for example) and "i've built such a unique character, he's totally useless" (like Diablo i guess ?).

I'm aware that a lot of people actually like these systems that penalizes the player who's spent his evolution ressource in useless stuff/wrong combinaisons (because they see the illusion of a demanding gameplay etc...) but I'll always consider it a confession from the developpers : "we have no idea how to build a proper RP system". I think New Vegas is a good example of system in between, where you can build different kind of characters (=different kind of gameplays) without having to study the system for hours in order not to end up with an encephalopathic mold.


If a game features some skills, perks, talents and other abilities, it better give the player :

1. The feel that upgrading these things has an impact (which you don't find in Skyrim for example)

2. The possibility to play without em if we can chose not to pick em (always have the worst time of my life when I try to play Fallout 1 as a Intel-Luck Energy Weapon dude... Though it gets better through the game, gotta admit).

Qu'avez-vous fait de l'honneur de la patrie ?

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