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Offical information?

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SO, is there any new and exciting official information???? I'm kinda disappointed with the scarcity of information/ lack of interest on this site for a game that has been in the pipe for over a year with a release date in just a couple months... Trying to get my Stick of Truth fix I guess.

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I think the main reason for the lack of activity here is because 1) What little new information we get seems to come every few conventions or so, so there is little to talk about because it is kinda the same thing over and over again and

2) There are other more populated and established avenues to talk about South Park in general, so this has really just been a home for stuff pretty much about the game alone for the longest time. And when that info has been sparse...


The trouble with the info being sparse is largely in the hands of the publishers, if I'm not mistaken because they basically control the marketing. Matt & Trey will do their own thing, but usually the publisher has the say in what people will see. In all fairness to Ubisoft, they've only been on board for about a year now so I don't expect their marketing brains to be capable of handling something like this so quickly when the game was at this point of development.


I pretty much have a low opinion of video game marketing in general. Well, marketing of entertainment in general. Actually, make that a good solid, if not vast majority of marketing as a whole.


EDIT: They're defiantly not all bad, but as far as I'm concerned; marketing should practically never have any say in content, especially when they are responsible for changing things. Usually it seems to be for the worst.

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You see, ever since the whole Doritos Locos Tacos thing, Taco Bell thinks they can do whatever they want.

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